About us

Paliz Tajhiz Aryan Company has started its work in 2010 in order to meet the needs of the health sector and with the aim of improving the level of health and quality of health services, and with a decade of experience of the founders in providing medical services and having specialists and providing appropriate facilities and infrastructure in line with its goals, has imported high-quality medical equipment..

Considering the company's policies based on the provision of high-quality services and products, it was able to be welcomed by the public, which due to this issue as well as continuous monitoring policies and continuous quality control, the company is now considered as one of the importers of medical equipment needed by medical and academic centers of the country.

During its years of activity, the company has gained a lot of experience in the distribution of medical products and currently covers most hospitals, medical centers and pharmacies by providing appropriate quality in its products and services. Therefore, the company is one of the importers of health transformation plan by providing quality products of disposable medical equipment and according to this, it is trusted by medical centers and medical universities throughout the country.