What parts of the colon are formed

The colon includes cecum, colon, and rectum and anal canal. Cecal is a part of a bag that is placed at the bottom of the ileocal valve. The appendix is a small, narrow tube that comes out of the cecum. The colon consists of four parts:

  • Ascending Colony: starts from cecum and continues to the right of the abdominal cavity.
  • Transverse Colon: Continues from right to left along the abdomen, the transverse colon is the longest and most moving part of the colon and ends with a descending colon.
  • Descending colon: The left colon goes to the left of the abdominal cavity and ends with a Sigmoid Colon.
  • Sigmoid colon is the end of the large intestine and ends up in the rectum. This area is more susceptible to cancer than other parts of the colon, and the occurrence of cancer in this area may lead to colostomy.
  • The rectum is the end portion of the gastrointestinal tract that ends in the anus.
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